Monday, August 18, 2008

Taxi fares

Singapore has a complicated system of taxi fares. The fares differ according to the taxi company.

In most cities, there is a uniform taxi fare. This is a fairer system to the commuters and to tourists.

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  1. As a frequent visitor to Singapore I never have any problems with the taxi service for many years until my last trip back in July 2008. I was trying to catch a taxi one Saturday night (around 8 pm) from Stevens Road to Sixth Ave. There were no taxis available on the side I was waiting because all taxis were hired coming from Scotts Road/Orchard Road. I saw many taxis (FOR HIRE lights on) were heading back into the Orchard area. I then crossed to other side of Stevens Rd trying to catch a taxi. When I tried to flag a cab NOT one stop and pick me up. I counted 25 taxis (FOR HIRE lights on) just ignored me and continue towards Orchard/Scotts road area. A few even pretended to change the light from FOR HIRE to ON CALL. At that time I did not know why they did not stop. Later I found out that there is now a CBD surcharge of $3. I then realised that the taxi drivers were ignoring me just to earn extra $3 picking passengers from the CBD. I was just outside the CBD zone.

    I have not complain to LTA yet but will lodge a complain fairly soon. I doubt LTA can do anything as I did not note down the taxi's plate number.


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