Monday, August 18, 2008

SMS taxi booking

Some taxi companies now allow SMS taxi booking. But they continue to charge the high booking fee of $3.50 (peak period) and $2.50 (off-peak period).

With SMS, the cost should be lower, as there is no need for human intervention. If the taxi company reduces the booking fee, it will encourage more people to book a taxi (and not wait to flag down on the road).

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  1. taxi booking should be encouraged.

    how many a time do we see taxi uncles (aunties) roaming the street JUST hoping to have passenger(s)?

    in Europe, taxi booking a few hours or even days beforehand is encouraged.

    taxi driver can then plan their time wisely, they know when they will be free and can hence spend time with their family. (this is quality family time... i think it beats better than roaming the street aimlessly and making oneself too tired to enjoy the blessings of having a family)


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