Thursday, August 7, 2008

Re-confirm the appointment

I arranged a meeting at 8 pm on Sunday night at my home. One of the attendees came to my home at 8 am in the morning. He misunderstood the time.

I faced the problem as well. Sometimes, the date, time or place has been changed, but some people were not notified or they forgot to update their scheduler.

Lesson: Before leaving your home or office for an appointment, give a call on the mobile phone to the other party to confirm the time and place. In making an appointment, always ask for the mobile phone number of the party that you are meeting.


  1. I called my friend to confirm the time and place for our lunch appointment. The call was made 30 minutes before the appointment.

    I said, "I shall see you at 12.30 pm at Empire Cafe, Raffles City.

    He replied, "It should be Empire Cafe at Raffles Hotel, directly opposite Raffles City.

    The reconfirmation was useful and got me to the right place.

    I also made sure that my friend did not forget the appointment!

  2. One of the most confusing time (to me) has to be 12 (AM or PM?)

    As such, my practice is to:-
    1) talk/ spell out as 12noon (or 12nn) or 12midnight (or 12mn)

    2) communicate in 24:00 hr time format; i.e 08:00 hrs is 8am and 20:00hrs is 8pm.


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