Thursday, November 19, 2009

Name of mass transit systems

Here are some of the common names:
London - Tube
New York - Subway
Paris - Metro
Singapore - MRT

I find the names used in London, New York and Paris to be quite convenient. It is easy to refer to a station by the name Tube, Subway, Metro rather than MRT station.

Maybe some creative person can find a one-syllable, easily pronounced name for MRT. How about Mart or Rapid?


  1. For me, I use the word "train" when I refer MRT to my foreign friends.

    "MRT" is already etched into singaporean tongue, hard to change.

  2. in the 1990s, my friends would simply pronounce "Mert" for MRT as if there were an 'e' in btw.

    BH Goh

  3. My friend suggested, when the MRT was first build, to have the name SMART - Singapore MRT.

  4. In my travels, I think "to take the Met" is the simplest and understable single-syllable term for mass rapid transport trains.

    Metro is actually short for Metropolitan, i.e. servicing an area around the the city as a centre. It's used in Montreal and Washington DC. The "Met" is further shortened.


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