Monday, November 16, 2009

Widening of Central Expressway

The Central Expressway is being widened. The stretch from AMK 3 to AMK Ave 1 had been opened. There was a smooth flow of traffic for vehicles moving to AMK Ave 1.

The Land Transport Authority has done a great job. I look forward to the completion of the widening of other stretches of this expressway.

I hope that the LTA is now planning for the future. There will be the need for a second level expressway to take vehicles that are travelling to the central business district.

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  1. Widening of CTE along undermentioned stretch only eases the traffic around that area. It is just like 'balloning' surgery for clogged blood veins and nose sinus.

    Perhaps, a second expressway can be build on top of existing CTE. Meaning to say, a double-decker expressway... This will ease traffic congestion and most importantly, save land space.


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