Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Entertainment system on Emirates planes

I took an Emirates flight to London. I find the personal entertainment system for each passenger to be well designed. The console is placed in the seat in front of the passenger. The video is a touch screen. It is convenient to use and does not get in the way.

Among the airlines that I have taken, the placement of the console in Singapore Airlines is the most inconvenient. It is located on the side seat and is difficult to access or put back.

When Singapore Airlines first introduced the entertainment system, it was a leader in providing this entertainment. Over the past twenty years, it did not improve on the ergonomic design. Today, many airlines have overtaken Singapore Airlines in this respect.

I hope that the management of Singapore Airlines will travel on their airlines, in the economy class, and in other airlines. They can learn a lot from the improvements made by other airlines.

Tan Kin Lian

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  1. Recently travelled SQ and the control is indeed in front. Guess, they do have it in the new planes. :)


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