Saturday, August 8, 2009

Too many advertisements

There are too many advertisements in our trains, buses and stations. These advertisements obstruct the information that is needed by commuters to find the right bus or train platform. It was clear that the operators were more interested to earn revenue than to provide a service to the commuters.
During the current recession, the advertisements have reduced, but they will retain when the economy recovers.
I hope that the transport operators and regulators realise that the primary purpose of public transport is to provide a service with comfort and convenience, and that making more money should not be the key driver.


  1. But without advertisements, fares would increase even more.

  2. I disagree that too many advertisement is a bad thing. I only oppose to placing the advertisement in such a manner where the commuters find it hard to look out and locate their position (especially in buses, where the windows are masked out with advertisement).

    I agree that transport operators should stick to their primary purpose. But without this extra revenue from advertisement, the commuters have to pay more for the transport fare since the operators have to report XXX profit to their shareholders.

    So I support clean, innovative and responsible advertising inside public transport. Let the commuters gain by NOT increase transport fare.

  3. Fares are a function of regulation and public policy.

    If the Public Transport Council agrees, fares will increase, regardless of the advertisements. The advertisements bring more profit to the transport operators.

    Where was the advertising revenue used to reduce the fares? Check the formulas.

    Don't be misled that the cluttered advertisements help to bring down the fares. Only an active regulator can do it.

  4. Thank you for enlightening me.

  5. About the part on buses - I agree. How many times have elderly people with poorer vision missed their destination stop at night due to the partially obstructed windows?

  6. I hate the advertisements. I remember once I was really tired and trying to rest on the way home on a cab. And there is a tv screen on the front seat staring at me... I tried to off it, to my horror, the taxi driver said it cannot be switched off. Those bastards are infringing on our human rights not to watch the bloody advertisements.


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