Friday, August 14, 2009

Bus arrival times

Land Transport Authority is spending money to improve the bus arrival time. There was no mention about the cost. It seems that the arrival time will only be displayed in about 50 bus stops, representing only 1% of all bus stops in Singapore.

I believe that the same budget can be better spent in a different technology. Each bus should transmit its number about 300 meters to the next bus stop.

The number of the approaching buses can be shown in a large electronic display. Elderly people with poor eyesight do not need to strain their eyes to see the number of the approaching buses.

There is no need to show the arrival time, because the buses run at schedules of 5 to 15 minutes. Hence, the maximum waiting time is 15 minutes. It is better for the bus to be punctual rather than to state the time of arrival.


  1. Although I like knowing the arrival time of buses or trains, I agree there is no point of showing the waiting time.

    Finding creative ways to reduce packed buses in peak hours or having a better journey planner for tourists should be more important.

  2. I believe there is still a need to know arrival times, if you can take an alternative service which is not as convenient, knowing arrival times of both, you can decide to wait for your preferred service or take the alternative.


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