Sunday, August 30, 2009

Telecommuting is a trend for the future

Telecommuting, i.e. working from home, is getting to be popular. It has it positive and negative points. Employers are finding it difficult to manage the productivity and performance of the teleworkers.

Read this report.

An alternative arrangement is to encourage people to work close to their home, to reduce the time taken in commuting. This will require a change in tax and other policies that now tie people down to a fixed home and discourages them from moving their home to be close to the place of work.

Employers should also change the practices and choose workers who live close to the place of work.


  1. It is probably difficult to generalise. Some jobs may be more suited to home based work, others may not. For example, if I'm just a telemarketer or even a stock broker, maybe not so important where I work. What counts is the results.

    In this regard, the key issue is whether we are able to measure performance. If we are more focused on performance and results and rewards are based more on output rather than input, it probably doesn't matter much whether an employee works from home or the office. In fact, you get to save rent!

    Granted, work that require meeting customers, colleagues etc or work that require face to face interaction as a team, home based work will be more difficult.

  2. Good thing for the future.
    Probably can shift 20% of the current work force to home-based. Save time and energy on commuting. I probably will agree to a 10% salary cut for this job arrangement (but company must subsidize me on my home electricity bill).


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