Friday, August 7, 2009

Platform Number

As more train services are introduced in a station, it is important to go to the right platform. The train stations in most countries display the platform number in a large hanging sign at the platform. The traveller will hardly miss it

The platform number in MRT stations in Singapore is not well displayed. One has to search for the platform number. It is sometimes displayed in a small sign on the pillar, sometimes in a standing sign and sometimes above the door in underground stations.

On many occasions, I had to search for the sign, with some difficulty. After some effort, I usually find that it is a small sign and not well located. It seems that the planners are embarrrased to display the sign and try to hide it.

I hope that the MRT stations will show the platform number in a large sign that is elevated above the platform. Make it so obvious that most people will not miss it.


  1. They can also paint it on the ground at the edge of the platform.

  2. I want to point out another thing about the MRT system map. The station names also come with the number code such as NS17, EW12, etc.

    Dhoby Ghaut is going to have have 3 number codes on the map once the marina line is opened up.

    All these number codes make the MRT system map so busy and cluttered. I think no one would pay attention to these numbers. Often you can't tell these code is for this station or the adjacent ones (because the map is so small).

    I suggest to remove all the number codes from the map. In my knowledge, subway systems in other countries do not have equivalent number code for their station. Only station name is sufficient.

  3. I am ambivalent to having platform numbers at all. Because if you know the line and direction of travel, following the signs should be sufficient - provided that the signs are good enough. (Of course, the signs at some stations can be improved.) But what is not cool is that when the platform number is mentioned in some places, it is not displayed prominently at the platform itself.

    Koffee: Circle Line, not Marina Line. Actually, I find that number codes are useful on top of the station names; at least it gives me an indication of how many more stops before the train reach my destination. Besides, the three number codes displayed so predominently at Dhoby Ghaut station makes it very clear that it is an interchange station served by three lines.


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