Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New ez-Link cards

A few months ago, I read that the Government was spending several million dollars to change to a new ez-Link card. I suggested then that this money need not be spent. I saw little value in introducing a new card, considering the cost of changing all the readers in the train stations and buses and replacing the millions of ez-Link cards carried by commuters.

Several weeks ago, I received a letter enclosing a new ez-Link card and asking me to get the new card validated at a MRT station.

I made several attempts to get the new card validated. Many MRT stations do not have a ticket office that provide this service. The ticket office in the stations with this service are open during certain hours. I finally managed to validate the new card after at least 5 attempts.

I asked the ticket staff on the purpose of the new card. She said that can be used as a cash card. Currently, it is only recognised in NTUC Fairprice!

It seems that we are spending a lot of money and effort for so little benefit. What a waste of public funds.

Tan Kin Lian


  1. I had no trouble changing my card. Currently, only NTUC Fairprice is on the ex-link card, but I would imagine that it will expand once all the bugs (if any) get worked out.

  2. It can be use in other places. More details @

  3. It would be best if commuters are allowed to top up their ez-link card online without purchasing any additional card reader like the current one.

  4. I haven't change my card yet.

    I've also just the old card to pay for my library fines recently. So what's the point of the new card again?

    This reflects on the lack of accountability in the decision makers, AGAIN.

  5. I believe you are mistaken Mr Tan, the introduction of the new card is first and foremost meant for the issuing company to better improve its edge, not so much for us plebians. Which is why the rollout has so many hiccups.


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