Monday, August 3, 2009

Automated Taxis

For several months, I have been promoting the concept of an automated taxi (i.e. without a driver) providing local transport within a town to bring residents to the town center or the train station. This vehicle is powered by electricity stored in a battery. An automated taxi, shared by many commuters, is a better concept that private cars operated on electricity.

Yesterday, I was surprised to learn about the European CityMobil project that aim to achieve the same goal, and had been ongoing for some time. I also learned about the CyCab developed by INRIA of France, that is almost ready to introduce a vehicle that works along the line that I envisioned (although they thought about it much earlier).

Read this brochure on the CyCab project and watch this animated video. It is exciting. I hope that the Land Transport Authority of Singapore will use its $20 million fund to try it out here.

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