Monday, April 27, 2009

Insufficient parking spaces

Two months ago, I visited Nanyang Technological University to give a talk. I cannot find a parking space near the meeting place. I had to park far away and walk there.

Last week, I took my mother for medical consultation at National University Hospital. I could not find a parking space until after 15 minutes.

Today, I visted Singapore Polytechinic for a meeting. I faced the same situation. All parking spaces are taken up. So, I had to park quite a distance.

It seems that many places have too many cars, probably driven by the employees. They do not provide parking space for visitors. 

We have too many cars and insufficient parking spaces. It is better to take a taxi or public transport, and save the trouble of looking for a parking space. 

The Government should not allow more cars to be sold, if our roads and parking spaces are insufficient to cope with the load.

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