Friday, April 10, 2009

How to build the MRT stations closer together

Did you wonder why the distance between the stations on the NS Line and the NE Line at Dhoby Ghaut is so far apart? It take a long walk to move from one station to another to take a different line.

I guess that the reason is that the NE Line is built many years after the NS Line was completed. It was not possible to build the station closer, as the tunnelling work could affect the operations of the NS Line and could be dangerous.

In London, the distance between the interchange stations for some of the lines are also far apart - possibly for the same reason.

Could it be possible for the stations to be build closer together, so that the commuters do not have to walk a long distance? I can think of two possible solutions, which are feasible from an economic and engineering angle. What are there? I invite your views.

It is important for a solution to be fuond, as many new lines are being build. We should keep the stations closer together and reduce the walking time.


  1. CC Dhoby Ghaut is inbetween NE and NS stations, that's why they are so far apart

  2. Instead of MRT stations closer together, there could have been travelators, like those in the airports.

  3. Here are some "out of the box" solutions to get the MRT stations (for the two lines closer together".

    Solution 1: Build the new station (for the NE Line to serve both lines. It can be built away from the existing station. When the new station is ready, divert the NS line to use the new station. Close the old station.

    Solution 2: Divert the old line to bypass the old station and close the old station for a few months to renovate the station to serve the new line. Provide a shuttle bus in the meantime to connect the closed station to the nearby stations. Open the renovated station when it is ready.

  4. Better to provide shuttle buses at more NE or NS stations so commuters need not have to walk so far nor change trains at these inconvenient Interchange

  5. I have no problem with the walking distance in Dhoby Ghaut case. Probably the longest walk in the MRT system here in Singapore. Other countries have even longer walk. Let's not have any travelator, shuttle bus, or pulling down old station! This will increase fare for the commuters ! Let's walking walk !


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