Saturday, April 25, 2009

Improve public transport - by HK Lim

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Main Body
Much has been said about our public transport, specifically SBS and
SMRT. And this article that appeared in the MyPaper (authored by a
certain Tan KL) hit the nail in the head.

The article ( was
about Real Time Bus Arrival Information System and Intelligent Route
Information System. The former was developed by our Land Transport
Authority while the latter was done by SBS. Two expensive systems that
hits some snags lately.

With much knowledge, technical competency, and talent massed in our
small island, there is so big to wonder why we cannot come up with a
system that will match or surpass what other countries are able to
develop that can handle 8000 buses running on 700 routes with 17,500
bus stops.

There is much available information within our grasp, for example,
from the Internet, on the topic "intelligent transport systems." I am
giving you some links below and I am also attaching some documents
downloaded from the Net that might help our think tanks at the various
sectors of our government to think out of the box.,3800010403,39165346,00.htm

To get the feel of what the community is talking about on the issue
about our public transport, we no need to go so far. The Net is abuzz
with their grouses and suggestions.

If we are serious about providing a transport system that befits our
status as a first world nation, we can just refer to this FAQ provided
by SBS ( Are we
really using our technical competencies to nail the issues at hand?

A*Star can lend its brains, funded by EDB, assisted by MOT, LTA, URA,
MND, IDA and SLA to develop a system, or shall we say OUTSOURCE a
system to our SME companies. Or we can straight away ask ST
Electronics to develop one, of course with the help of the respective
agencies. We can ask our CDC's to gather the problems encountered by
our constituencies in their daily commute to-and-from work.

Technology wise, we can utilize RFID, GPS, GPRS, Gyro, Bluetooth and
Zigbee technologies and combine them to form a state-of-the-art
solution. And we can also implement simple solutions like preventing a
bus driver from packing the bus. If the bus is authorized to carry 38
seated passengers, then taking up 5 standing passengers is okay. But,
taking up 15 more will further delay the bus, and all the other buses
behind it. Simple as that!

Hopefully, the recipients of this email will forward or let their
respective bosses or inform the concerned parties on this so we can
finally put a stop to the blogs, forums, and tweets from our netizens.
Much has been said, we've had enough!

Best regards,
HK Lim

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