Friday, April 3, 2009

Expensive and unnecesary vehicle inspection

I sent my car for inspection this morning. It cost me $62. The inspection took 10 minutes. The mechanic said that most of the work is computerised.

Why should it be so costly for 10 minutes of computerised work? My car is quite new, so why is it necessary for inspection?

Somebody decided to set the rule, and incur unnecessary and high cost for the public. I hope that our politicians will think about the people and help to remove some of the wastefulness.


  1. I agree car inspection for the 3rd year is not necessary at all. Could the inspection centres provide statistics how many 3- year cars fail the inspection test?
    It may a waste of manpower and resources.

  2. Even new Euro Vans are required to be inspected yearly brand new from the dealers. it is just another avenue to create jobs, profits and "false worthiness" of our world class system

  3. The official stats:

    3-year old cars

    Number inspected: 108,163
    Number Passed: 102,291
    Percentage Failed: 5.4%


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