Friday, July 24, 2009

Unsightly flyover in the center of town

There is a flyover in the center of the CBD. It carries traffic from Marina South to Cross Street. It is unsightly. I wish that the road planners could have found another way to handle the traffic. If this was not possible, they should have restricted the traffic and parking in Marina South.

It is time to plan an internal bus service to serve the CBD. The number of cars using the CBD should be restricted. The cars should be parked outside of CBD and the drivers should use public transport within the CBD.

In many cities, there is a tram service to handle most of the internal transport.


  1. I think it is a temporary road diversion for the construction of Downtown Line which is directly below the road level. Please see LTA's map for reference. Cheers !

  2. Can't agee more. I felt the same disgust driving up the narrow concrete ramp.

    After all the meticulous city planning and modern looking skyscrapers in the Shenton Way area, they plonk an ugly thorn in their midst and next to and over the restored heritage and tourist spot of Lau Pa Sat. A short below-road drive-through found in certain suburbs will have been cost-justified considering the expensive real estate landscape of this CBD area.


  3. But I thought sometime back they had the fringe car park scheme where people had to park outside the cbd and take bus into it. Anyway the cbd is well served by the mrt so why have an internal looping bus service for the cbd.


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