Thursday, July 30, 2009

Difficult to find a parking space during lunch in HDB estate

I went for lunch with a few friends in Hougang HDB estate. My friend dropped us at the restaurant and went to look for a parking space. He could not find any space nearby and had to go 500 meters to a multi-storey car park.

My friend said that many people bought cars, but found it expensive to drive to office, due to ERP and parking fees. They left their car at home, in the HDB estate.

This resulted in insufficient parking space in HDB estate. So HDB estates is also congested with cars! It is quite wasteful to spend $80,000 for a car, to be left at home, or to use only during the weekend.

It is better for these people to rent a car or take a taxi during the weekend or to join a car sharing scheme.

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