Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Priority seating for disabled and seniors

Printed in MyPaper, 3 June 2009 

I took the public bus in Vancouver, Canada. In several places in the bus, stickers were clearly seen, "Prioirty seating for disabled and seniors".

When a senior board the bus, the driver announces, "senior boarding". The seated passenger immediately stand to offer the seat to the senior. This is expected behaviour and is observed without any hassle. 

For Singapore to follow this courtesy campaign, we need the bus drivers to play this role. For MRT trains, perhaps a station officer can accompany the senior or disabled up the train and make an annuoncement. I hope that SMRT will create some employment for the station officers.


  1. Do you feel that the visually impaired in Singapore face any problems with Singapore's transportation? If so, what are they and what possible improvements do you think can be made?

  2. I believe more than half the population is not "born in singapore" and with the declared 1 million of foreign workers, courtesy is the last thing in their mind, who will care?

    I do understand singaporean are too, not all, selfish. But Im still touched by some young people whom sounded like singaporean to give up their seats to the needy, and I had never saw before, any of our foreign talents to do this.


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