Friday, June 5, 2009

The connected car

This is an intelligent car, that can drive by itself or sense what is happening around the place. It will soon become a reality. The technology is there. Read this article.


  1. Mr Tan,
    I think our car scrapping should be reviewed. Instead of cars below 10 years are scrappable, we should allow owners to substitute a car for scrapping. The net result is a car off the road and more importantly a less desirable car. Let me explain.

    You have a 15 year old beat up Hyundai which do not enjoy PARF anymore. You have a 9 years old Honda with PARF. Which car do you scrap?

    Honda because the Hyundai is a non issue. We scrap for PARF benefit.

    The LTA should allow substitution by leveraging a reasonable fee.

    End result, a car is scrapped but this time a less desirable car.

    We're scrapping cars as young as 3 years old. This is cruel, stupid and serves only to impoverish the people.

  2. On weekends those roads in the CBD should allow cars to park. Presently there are too many roads with double yellow lines.

    We are too restrictive. The lack of free parking spaces cause vehicles to go round and round looking for a suitable place to park thus causing polution and unhappiness.

    If we can tolerate Friday parking on double yellow lines than we can extend it to weekends and holidays too.


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