Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bus service in Vancouver

I took the bus service in Vancouver yesterday. Here are some interesting observations:

1. There are only 2 bus services on the main road near my hotel. It takes me to downtown and allows me to transfer to the Skytrain service or other buses along the way.

2. The waiting time is short. My bus arrives within 5 minutes. 

3. Another passenger complainted that he waited 10 minutes and saw four buses arriving in the opposite direction. They are probably used to getting a bus within 5 minutes.

4. The bus driver was polite and helpful. When I told him of the place that I visited, he told me the stop to get down. He also said that he would announced it on arriving at that stop. He did.

5.  There are several stickers in the bus asking for passengers to give priority to seniors and people with disability. When a senior arrive, the bus driver announced for someone to give up their seat. A seated passenger did what was expected - and enforced.

6.  The bus was electrically operated. The electric power was provided by the electric line that was operated. The bus was not running on rails and is not called a tram.

7. It was quite clear that the bus driver was well educated and probably well paid. In my view, it is better to pay an adequate salary to attract the right type of people to do this job and do it well.

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