Monday, March 30, 2009

Light buses in Singapore

I hope that the Government will make it possible for small operators to run light bus services to serve each town. I suggest the following approach:

1. Each town shall have 2 to 4 routes to serve different parts of the town, and bring the residents to the town center, shopping center or bus terminus

2. These light buses should be exempted from taxes, so that they can reduce the cost of service to the residents

3.  The rental of these light buses can be reduced to a share of the bus fare, so that the operator does not have to incur a fixed cost.

This is a way to create employment for the unemployed. Those who have a driving licence can operate a light bus service. They do not need to go through the extensive training to be a taxi driver. The fare can be kept low. This will improve the quality of the transport service to make it as convenient as Hong Kong. It will improve the quality of life in Singapore, without incurring a big cost.

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