Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Free public transport in 20 cities

Somebody said that 20 cities provide free public transport. Can readers help me to identify these cities, and the scope of their free transport:

> area covered
> how is the cost funded
> quality of service.


  1. Nothing is free in life. I'm sure it is funded via taxes.

  2. That's right, jill, nothing is free in an economic sense. But the carbon-auto industry is making profits while there is no charge being made to them for all the negative effects, such as CO2 emissions. So, in effect, they are being subsidized... so for them it is free.

    If you want to find examples of locations that have wisely removed the user-fee from public transport, you can go to: and click on "success stories."

  3. Perth, Western Australia has a free bus service only available within the City Centre boundary. I post the information from one of the website :

    Perth has a free bus service that operates around central business district. These buses are called CATS (central area transport service) and service the free transit zone (FTZ). The buses have a low ground clearance which make it easy for people of all ages to hop on an off the buses. The buses have a set route and arrive approximately every 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the route, time of day and day of the week. The CAT routes are either a red or blue route from Monday to Friday and a special modified route for weekends.

    The CAT bus stops are clearly marked through out the FTZ and have an audio announcement telling you when the next CAT is due. Supplementing the CAT service is the normal Transperth buses, and the Fasttrack trains which also offer free travel within the FTZ.

    A comprehensive map of the Perth city CAT Routes can be found on the Transperth webiste.

    Red CAT
    The red CAT travels in a east west direction from East Perth to West Perth all week, with CAT's running Monday to Friday 7:50am till 6:20pm every 5 minutes and on Weekends 10.00am till 6.15pm.
    More information can be located in the CAT Services section of the Transperth website.

    Blue CAT
    The blue CAT runs in a north south direction from Barrack Street Jetty to Northbridge all week running Monday to Friday 6:50am till 6:20pm every 7 minutes, the blue CAT runs longer hours on Fridays running from 6:20pm till 1:05am every 15mins, on Saturdays the Blue CAT runs 8.30am till 1.00am every 15 minutes, running on sundays 10.00am till 6.15pm every 15 minutes
    More information can be located in the CAT Services section of the Transperth website.


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